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  • Welcome to the website of MTENG Co., Ltd.
  • MTENG is a company specializing in the development and manufacture of specialty vehicles (wrecker, vibration-free trailer, self-loader, etc.).
  • Our company aims to be an 'international specialty vehicles company' along with the localized development of specialty vehicles. Also, We optimize customer's wishes and demands based on harmonious relationship with customer.

    We built a 1322㎡ sized new factory in Ochang, Chungchengbuk-do, established a technology research institute, certified venture company and ISO9001, and registered competitive bidding qualifications with the Public Procurement Service.

    We developed a underlift-type small wrecker based on our patent, and transferred its technology to China's Hwanghae automotive company in 2016. In 2017, We were the first Korean company to export a underlift-type small wrecker to Almaty City Hall in Kazakhstan, and are currently developing follow-up equipment.

    We will develop and grow into a company with a rational management system and professional technology based on the accumulated know-how.

    By promoting innovative value creation based on knowledge, we will do our best to manufacture the good quality products on the basis of customer satisfaction and internal stability.

    Thank you.

  • CEO KwonJin Oh
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