[Safety Loader] OHLUGO Under Self

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  • OHLUGO Under Self

    OHLUGO Under Self

    - Transportation of any vehicle in any condition
    - Transportable from faulty vehicle to semi-destroyed vehicle Towing and loading up to 3 vehicles at once
    - Drivable vehicles by underlift and non-drivable vehicles by self-loader
    - 3 mid-sized vehicle available by applying high tension steel plate ATOS 80
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    Type Vehicle specifications
    Vehicle model MT 4.5t vehicle transport truck
    basic chassis mega truck
    Mounting length 9,750mm
    Vehicle width 2,450mm
    Vehicle height 2,570mm
    wheelbase 5,695mm
    cargo box cargo box in rear length the upper plates 4,000mm the lower plates 7,075mm
    cargo box in rear width 2,000mm 2,300mm
    cargo box in rear height 130mm 140mm
    cargo box a tilt angle 2.8˚ ~
    max payload 4,500kg
    safety Top locking cylinder, counterbalance valve, relief valve
    winch capacity 4.5 T
    operation method wireless and manual
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    · Paul Kim (Byeonghyeok Kim) : (+82) 10-3628-3643
    · E-mail : a650527@naver.com
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