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[Wreck Car] BULUGO Ⅳ Tow truck

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  • BULUGO Ⅳ Tow truck

    BULUGO Ⅳ Tow truck

    - Ultra-lightweight design
    - Auto-centering folding system increases driving safety
    - Easy maintenance with bolted body, cargo box and towing device
    - Accessible towing with all-wheel-drive vehicle
    - 180˚ rotary underlift with strong power
    • switch pannel
      switch pannel
    • hitch ball
      hitch ball
    • air tank
      air tank
    • front wheel down spring
      front wheel down spring
    • rear wheel air spring
      rear wheel air spring
    • compressor
    • front winch
      front winch
    • rear winch
      rear winch
    Type Options
    Vehicle 2 seater / 5 seater
    Light LED slip type
    Dolly Collins(Made in USA)
    Winch 9,500 lbs
    Type Vehicle specifications
    Vehicle model Rexton Sports
    Mounting length 5,520mm
    Vehicle width 1,820mm
    Vehicle height 1,900mm
    Vehicle weight 2,450kg
    lifting capacity 1,500kg
    Towing capacity 3,500kg
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  • Inquiries
    · Paul Kim (Byeonghyeok Kim) : (+82) 10-3628-3643
    · E-mail : a650527@naver.com
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